Latina Relationship Characteristics

A growing number of Latino families are found in the United States. Study reviewing Latin relationship dynamics dating puerto rican women is crucial, specifically as Latinos continue to make up an important percentage of the citizenry (Garcia, Bucher-Maluschke, Perez-Angarita, and Pérez-Angarita, 2016).

The current study investigates dyadic thematic analysis on the father-daughter relationship among adolescent Latina committing suicide attempters. The results demonstrate that fathers play a tremendous protective position against taking once life behavior. The study also examines how family mechanics such as machismo and the absence of economic balance may effect the suicidal risk of vibrant Latinas. Hayek.jpg

Recent market movements in Latin America advise a decrease in family size and an increase in cohabitation. These kinds of trends impact internal family members dynamics, including the distribution of household tasks and decision-making. For example , the traditional family model having a sole guy provider and a female dedicated to housework and childcare can be changing because of global modernization and social influence. The classic family composition is likewise challenged by influx of immigrant couples who bring a mixture of nationalities and a desire to preserve cultural practices.

Likewise, the effect of education is a continuous concern pertaining to couple and family group formation in Latin America. Comparative inspections of educational national levels and the ending impact on spouse and children dynamics are needed to map this relationship. Finally, intimate partner violence may be a serious issue that persists, with ladies and children being the main patients. Comparative research that look the role of public and economical situations in promoting domestic violence are also crucial.

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